Speed Reading Tips – Comprehension and Reading Speed – Can They Really Go Together?

There are many misconceptions concerning speed reading. An effective speed reading system is not one that involves flipping through pages of text, or how fast your eyes can move over a page and somehow absorb knowledge like a vacuum cleaner. The real secret deals with one word – comprehension. The following article discusses the secret to comprehension and reading speed.
Dynamic Speed Reading and Comprehension
Often the question, “how fast can anyone read, and still comprehend?” is asked. The answer is: you can only read as fast as you can understand the material, or comprehend it. Of course, you can turn pages and move your eyes at 10,000, 50,000, or even 100,000 words per minute. But if you’re not understanding, there is no comprehension. Unfortunately, most reading improvement programs focus merely on speed. They give little attention to training the cognitive aspect or reading well.
Comprehension the other hand, is understanding what you read, while you are reading it. As you read, as your eyes are moving over the print, is your mind responding?
Reading is a thinking skill. You can read as fast as you can think your way through the material. The secret to faster reading, is learning to get the mind kicked into gear at higher speeds. That is the great mystery we have solved with our approach. We have unlocked the secrets of combining physically reading faster and cognitively how to move your mind along the way. This approach has shown usual gains averaging 15 points or more in comprehension gain.
Remember, it’s not how fast you get through the material that matters, it’s how fast you understand what your eyes are seeing.

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